The Firm

Founded in 2023, Simbari Avvocati Penalisti handles corporate criminal law matters, wherein its professionals have gained in-depth experience and expertise.

Its founder Armando Simbari has a long track record in criminal trials, also in the international arena, often with high media impact.
This experience along with the daily challenges of trials has made Armando Simbari a trustworthy professional and clients have placed their undivided trust in him.
The Firm provides a full circle service to entrepreneurs and companies seeking timely responses, precise interventions, risk awareness and effective trial strategies.

To provide the most appropriate criminal defence and advisory work, the Firm operates with accredited experts across the various fields of business.

Simbari Avvocati Penalisti handles matters nationwide.

Our Mission

The professionals at Simbari Avvocati Penalisti take care of their client well-being, offering not only the best technical defence, but also close contact, approachability and guidance in handling the challenges of criminal proceedings.

Being subject to an investigation is in itself a penalty, causing the wear and tear during the criminal trial and the potential reputational impact resulting from it. The Firm's professionals are fully aware of this and are committed to following the daily life of the client, in order to buffer the unsettling impact an investigation or criminal trial can bring.

The Firm provides assistance to Companies in criminal risk situations and is poised to carry out internal investigations, including cross-border investigations for the detection of criminal conduct.